MHT-CET Mock Test

Perform, Evaluate & Improve – Practice tests package to make you exam ready
MHT-CET Mock Test is your perfect practice partner for MHT-CET online examination preparation. It will help you in every way from let you to perform, evaluate and improve to boost your performance and make you confident to crack MHT-CET Online Exam with flying colors. MHT-CET Mock Test assists you for online practice from Anywhere, Anytime.


Educational CMS Website Development company, Synthesys

Ample of tests

Systematic management of registration, tracking, submission and confirmation process along with consolidating candidate specific data.

Synthesys Products

Synthesys Products

Exact test interface

Enables the candidature to pay fees online towards the application in a highly secure environment. The payment can be made using almost all available payment gateways.

Instant evaluation (Quick performance Review)

Offers to let the candidates to submit the documents online. The later stages involve documents’ verification and organized storage.

Time management

Institutes receives and can act on complaints reported by candidate enabling prompt actions on any issue raised by them and to let them avail services more effectively.

Synthesys Products

Synthesys Products

Analysis Report

Automatic creation of merit lists based on the applications received for the courses institute offers. The merit list creation logic is provided by your institute at the time of initial configuration of the system.

Comparative Ranking

The seat allotment process enables the candidate to choose the institute as per preference and confirm the allotment in accordance with the availability.

Key Benefits

Educational CMS Website Development company, Synthesys
Educational CMS Website Development company, Synthesys

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Educational CMS Website Development company, Synthesys
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