Let your Educational Institute website function more than a mere website
EduCMS is a first ever exclusive Educational CMS that offers educational institutes/organizations to manage their operations on a single platform. Apart from generic website functionalities, Synthesys EduCMS offers you a wide set of educational modules and a wide array of themes to choose from. The educational modules are unique in their own way to assist the institutes/organizations to get various functionalities under one roof and find operational ease.
On top of it, EduCMS offers bulit-in SEO that gives your brand an exposure to have a huge organic reach.


Educational CMS Website Development company, Synthesys

User-Friendly Design

Designs created are extremely user-friendly so as to get the end user an overall better user interface and experience along with navigation ease.

Synthesys Products

Synthesys Products

Intuitive Dashboard

EduCMS offers a visually appealing intuitive dashboard that allows users to manage functionality in effective manner.

Tiered Permissions

EduCMS offers tiered permissions to ease out user management and assign level-wise access and restrictions.

Responsive Design

EDuCMS offers responsive design and makes it flexible for users to operate from various available devices like laptop, mobile, tab etc.

Synthesys Products

Synthesys Products

Customized Themes

Although EduCMS offers wide set of themes, it let client suggest their own version if they have any and perform customization accordingly.


EduCMS offers security at its best by implementing various security related features along with timely security checks.

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Educational CMS Website Development company, Synthesys
Educational CMS Website Development company, Synthesys

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Educational CMS Website Development company, Synthesys
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